Version control

Is there any way to generate the versions automatically, if we do manually it comes mistake, if it is automatic for the end users it will be very easier



  • Hello Rajesh,

     I understand that you don't want to let your users manage the versions of the documents.

    You need to know that:

    As long as a user is contributor to the document, he can create versions manually and can revert the document to previous versions. We plan to change this behavior in the coming version, if you manage the version control automatically.

    You can implement an automatic workflow for version control, for instance, create a new version every X days.

    You will need a workflow with 2 states:

    "Draft" as Initial State and "Automatic version creation"

    And on the state "Automatic version creation", in the "Versions" section select Create a new version:

    I hope it helps.

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  • Hi Thibault,

    thanks for your update

    i have small doubt for each library i could have to create like this transition state-automatic version creation ?

    best regards

    Rajesh Sivakumar

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