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Currently this bookmarklet allows you to work with a number of file attachments:

  1. You can open up these attachments in a new tab, where each file is given a thumbnail from which you can print the attachment
  2. You can open the attachments in multiple tabs (one for each file)
  3. You can download the files in a zip format

These are great features, but it would also be good to be able to bulk print all the files. I.e., in option 1, it would be ideal to be able to select some or all of the files on that new tab and print the selected files. Currently you still have to select one file at a time and print it.



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  • Today,  I have received a request from a customer for this feature. Please advise if it is possible. I can't seem to get an action to print all documents. Today, I saw an instruction to use the bookmarklet and to click on file frames and select "Control P" to print. However, I can't manage to select more than one file to get it to print the group all at once.

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