Is it possible to disable Shift-Z function for AODocs libraries?

Dear AODocs,

Some of my users are still using the Shift-Z function to make a symlink to a file or folder. I understand this functionality works in native Google Drive but that it does not work in AODocs libraries. Is there a way for this function to be disabled in AODocs libraries?



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  • Hello Nick,

    Thank you for your post! We recently added an article on this topic since it is quite a recurrent question and there are limitation. All the details are here: Add a document to different locations (limitation)

    The principle is the following:

    When the file is managed by AODocs, the Shift+Z feature is limited:

    - A file cannot belong to more than one location, managed by AODocs whether it is in the same library or different ones. (e.g. the root folder of a Team folder, the sub-sub-folder of a Secure folder)
    - A file can belong to as many locations not managed by AODocs (e.g. Personal folder, ..)

    Regarding the possibility to disable it, it might also mean that the Drag and Drop functionality should be disabled (since doing Shift+Z is the same as Drag and Drop while holding Ctrl(PC) or Option(Mac).)


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