Able to have a view that displays records from multiple document management libraries

We'd like to build a view that pulls records from multiple document management libraries and displays them in one view.



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    Hello Jeremy,

    Thank you for your feature request. We currently do not offer this possibility nor have plans to do so yet. But what you want to achieve could be done with a bit of customization using the AODocs AwesomeTable Connector and a nice AwesomeTable.
    It would require you to:

    - Synchronize a spreadsheet with different libraries (1 sheet per library)
    - Create 1 sheet that aggregates the information from the other sheets
    - Create an AwesomeTable from this sheet
    - Use AwesomeTable by itself or embedded in another interface to display the documents the way you want.

    Let me know if you need some guidance.

    Have a good day.


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  • Hello Thibault

    Our business does not allow Awesome Table - so could this request be reconsidered please?

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