Ability to disable AODocs "delete protection" as to be able to use Drive Sync delete function

I understand that you do not have any plans to actively support Google Sync tool. This is unfortunate but also understandable.
However I am proposing a simple solution that allows us to use the Google Sync tool even if it is not supported
Add a checkbox to the settings page that allows for disabling of the 'delete protection'.
This will allow users without the aodocs smartbar to delete files and folders.
How will this solve our problem?
The main issue with the Sync Tool is that we cannot delete and move files. This is because of the 'delete protection'. If the delete protection is disabled this functionality will start functioning again in the sync tool.
We do not care if the sync tool sometimes makes duplicates. We realise this is a 'bug' in the Sync Tool itself and not fault of aodocs. We can make corrections manually if that happens. 


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