What is Folio?

Folio provides an easy way for users to create pre-configured libraries for specific business use cases.

– Folio is subject to a specific license agreement. For more information, contact your sales representative or send an email to: sales@aodocs.com.
Google users and Microsoft users can access Folio.
– You can use Folio in Document Management libraries using any storage platform. Learn more: Where is my content stored?

When a user creates a document in a specially configured AODocs Folio library, a new pre-configured library is created. The new library is a copy of a template library that the user selects when they create the document in the Folio library.

Once the library is created, the document in the Folio library is used to manage the new library. For example, users can:

  • change the permissions in the document, which changes the permissions in its associated library 
  • transition the workflow of the document to restrict or allow access to the library
  • delete the document, which deletes the library that was created with this document

The Folio app is used to set up Folio configurations, which define:

  • which Folio library to use – this is the library where users will create documents to trigger the creation of new libraries
  • the document class
  • a set of permissions that will be propagated to all libraries created through this Folio configuration
  • which template libraries are associated with the Folio library: each template library has its own specific set of permissions, configuration (document classes, workflows, properties, and so on) and content (documents and folders) – users select a template library from a Category property in the document they create in their Folio library
  • the AODocs storage account to use for libraries created with this Folio configuration

The library that is created is an exact copy of the template library, plus any other configurations defined in the Folio app, such as permissions and the AODocs storage account.


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