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AODocs Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) is a tool that lets you streamline and automate your processes throughout the entire lifecycle of your contract: creation, approval, negotiation, signature, ongoing management and renewals.

This article explains how to submit and process a legal request.

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Submit a legal request

1. Access your organization's legal portal and follow the link to open the Google form.

2. Fill in the Google form and attach files if necessary.

Note: Fields with a red star are mandatory.

3. Click Submit.

You receive an email notification to confirm that your request was successfully submitted.


Access legal requests

When a legal request is submitted, the legal team receives an email notification. As a member of the legal team, you can follow the link at the top of the email to access the request.

Alternatively, you can access legal requests from your CLM library.

1. From the library homepage, click the views button to open the list of views.

Learn more from AODocs: Use views (beta version) in your AODocs libraries.

2. Use the following views to access legal requests:

  • Legal requests: all past and present legal requests to which you have access
  • My legal requests: all legal requests that you initiated

From either of the above views, click a title to open a legal request. 


Assign the request

A member of the legal team can assign the request to someone in their organization.

1. Click the Edit button.

2. Enter an email address in the "Assignee" property. Learn more: Edit custom properties

3. Click the Save button.

The assignee receives an email notification indicating that a request has been assigned to them.

Work on the request

1. As the assignee, access the legal request.

2. Click the workflow button and select one of the following actions:

  • Completed
  • Request additional items to ask the requestor for additional information: the requester receives an email notification and can add the required information, then send the request back to the assignee who will review the request again
  • Cancel

3. In the Perform workflow action dialog:

  • enter a comment if required
  • click Submit

Note: If you selected Request additional items, you must enter a comment.

When the legal request is completed or canceled the requester is notified.


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