CLM: Manage your internal and external entities

AODocs Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) is a tool that lets you streamline and automate your processes throughout the entire lifecycle of your contract: creation, approval, negotiation, signature, ongoing management and renewals.

Internal entities correspond to the entities within your organization, such as parent companies and subsidiaries.

External entities correspond to the contracting parties you interact with outside your organization, such as customers, suppliers, or individual people. 

As an end user, you can:

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Access internal and external entities

1. From the library homepage, open the Internal entities or External entities view.

Learn more: Use views (beta version) in your AODocs libraries.


2. Click an entity in the list to open it.

Tip: In some views, you can use the left side panel to navigate to the required entity.


Create a new entity

1. Either:

  • from the library homepage, click the New button and select 01 Internal entity or 02 External entity
  • from a view displaying internal or external entities, click the New button

A new entity opens in create mode. 

2. Fill in the properties (metadata) for your new entity.

Note: Properties with a red star are mandatory.  

3. Click the Save button.

Your entity is created and is named automatically.

Tip: To edit the properties after saving your entity, click the Edit button. Learn more from AODocs: Edit custom properties.


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