Define default settings in the Gmail add-on

The Gmail add-on is a tool that lets you save emails and their attachments to AODocs Document Management libraries.

Note: The Gmail add-on is available only in Document Management libraries. It isn't available in Team Folders or Secured Folders.

You can:

This article explains how to define the default settings in the Gmail add-on. 

1. With no emails open, click the Gmail add-on button in the right panel, then click Dashboard. The dashboard opens, displaying the list of existing rules (if any). 


2. Select Personal settings in the left panel.

3. You can define the following settings: 

  • Default destination library and document class: when you run any save operation with the Gmail add-on, the default library and document class will be defined.

Note: You can choose a different library when you run save operations.

  • Import as new document or Import as a new version of an existing document: choose which option to define as the default when you save an email you received.

Note: You can change this option when you save an email you received.

  • Import based on labeled emails or Import based on labeled threads: choose whether to save individual emails or the entire email thread when you save emails in bulk. This setting is applied regardless of whether you have chosen to group emails into conversations in Gmail.

Note: You can't change this setting when you save emails in bulk. Return to the Personal settings panel to change the behaviour.

4. Click Save.

Tip: Click Reset to return to the system defaults: no default library or document class, Import as a new document and Import based on labeled emails.


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