Copy attachments from one document to another in Document Management libraries

If the Copy attachments feature is activated on your domain or in an individual Document Management library on your domain, you can copy attachments from one document to another. 

Important: Application Platform customers can request access to the Copy attachments feature. Contact your AODocs sales representative or send an email to

1. Open a view

2. Select one or more documents. 

3. Click the button Pick and copy attachments to another document

4. In the Attachment basket dialog, select one or more attachments then click Next.


5. If required, choose to convert your attachments to PDF or Microsoft Office format. Otherwise, leave the default option No conversion.

6. Select the target document from the list or select Create a new document.

Tip: Enter text in the Search for basket document field to find the required target document.

7. Click Attach to document.

If you chose an existing document, a confirmation message appears when the copy is complete.

If you chose to create a new document, the new document opens in create mode. Enter a title and save your document.


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