Use the Compare feature in Word attachments to compare versions

If you have two or more versions of a document with one or more Word attachments, you can compare a Word attachment of the current version of the document with the same attachment of any other previous version.

This feature is available for Application Platform customers. You need to request access to this feature. Contact your AODocs sales representative or send an email to

You can use the Compare feature:

  • in any type of library – Team Folders, Secured Folders and Document Management libraries
  • in libraries using any of the compatible storage platforms – learn more: Where is my content stored?

1. Open a document that has a Word attachment and more than one version.

2. Select the Compare button.

– In all library types, the button appears in the list of options for the attachment available from the left panel. In Document Management libraries, the button also appears in the More actions menu next to the attachment name; under Attachments.
– The Compare button isn't available for attachments that were added to the current version and don't have previous versions to compare.

If your document has only two versions, the comparison view opens directly.

3. Choose the attachment you want to compare the current version with, then click Compare.


The comparison view opens. 

4. If required, select a different version to compare the current version with. 

5. Click the cross in the top right to close the comparison view and return to the document page. 


Save the comparison 

Important: Microsoft users can't currently save the comparison. 

When you have compared two versions of a Word attachment, you can save the comparison. 

1. Click Save comparison. A dialog opens. 

2. Choose how you want to save the current file:

  • Attach as a PDF to the current version of the AODocs document – a PDF of the comparison file is attached to your AODocs document. A new version of the AODocs document isn't created.
  • Create a new version of the AODocs document and attach your comparison as a Word file – a new version of the AODocs document is created with the comparison file attached as a Word file. The existing Word file attached to the AODocs document is replaced with the comparison file. 
  • Attach comparison as a PDF to the current version, then create a new version and attache comparison as a Word file – this combines the two above options

3. If you chose to create a new version of your AODocs document in the previous step, enter:

  • a new name (mandatory)
  • a description (optional)

4. Click OK. The comparison file is saved according to the selection you made.


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