What is the connector to the Google Document AI platform?

Google's Document AI platform is an Artificial Intelligence-based service that lets you process documents such as invoices, receipts and forms, regardless of the quality of the source. For example, you may want to recover information from a scanned invoice or a photo of a crumpled receipt.

Learn more in the Google Help Center: Document AI.

The connector to the Google Document AI platform reliably extracts specific pieces of data (for example, net amount, VAT and due date from an invoice) and adds them as property values in your AODocs document.

The feature works with documents using either Google Drive or Google Cloud storage. Learn more: Where is my content stored?

Note: To process attachments stored on Google Cloud Storage with the connector, you must have an active AODocs Content Services subscription.

Application Platform customers can access this connector.

Contact your AODocs sales representative or send an email to sales@aodocs.com to activate the feature and access the articles providing details on how to configure it and use it.

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