Create rules to export mails in bulk

The Gmail add-on is a tool that lets you save emails and their attachments to AODocs Document Management libraries.

Note: The Gmail add-on is available only in Document Management libraries. It isn't available in Team Folders or Secured Folders.

You can:

This article explains how to create rules based on Gmail labels so you can save emails to AODocs in bulk. You can choose to create either a new document or a new version of an existing document. 

Important: As standard, when you save emails to AODocs, the following attachments are added to AODocs: a PDF file containing the text of your email, an EML file of your email and at least one email attachment (if your email has attachments). Library administrators can use the API to define whether to save only emails, only attachments or both for a given document class.

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Create labels in your Gmail box and tag some emails with your labels.

Learn more from the Gmail Help Center: Create labels to organize Gmail.

Create rules

1. With no emails open, click the Gmail add-on button in the right panel, then click Dashboard. The dashboard opens, displaying the list of existing rules (if any). 


2. Click the Create a new rule button. 

3. Enter a name for your rule and, if required, a description. 

4. Select one or more labels from the Labels drop down menu. All the existing labels in your Gmail box are listed.

5. Select the destination library and document class or leave the default (if defined) - learn more: Define default settings in the Gmail add-on.

Tip: When you  enter three or more characters, a drop-down menu appears with all the matching libraries in which you're a contributor.

6. If required, select a category and a value. All categories in the selected document class are listed.

If you select a catetory and a value, all documents created with this rule will have this category value defined.

7. Click Save.


Save emails in bulk using rules

1. With no emails open, click the Gmail add-on button in the right panel. 

2. If you want to save in bulk using all your rules, click Export all


Alternatively, click in the Select Rule field and select a rule from the list of rules. Repeat if you want add more than one rule. 

Tip: Click Delete to remove a rule from the list. This doesn't delete the rule. 

3. Click Export


4. Return to the dashboard and select Reports. The list of recent and current saves is displayed. 

5. Click View details next to the current or a previous report.

6. You can see the details of each rule contained in the save. Click View details next to a label. 


7. You can see the details of each email message that was saved to AODocs.


Below are explanations of the different types of status. 

Status Explanation
status_finished.png The email was saved to AODocs. 
status_already_exported.png The email wasn't saved to AODocs because it has already been saved in this library and document class a previous save operation.

The email wasn't saved to AODocs because it was already saved in this library and document class during the current save operation.

This occurs when an email is tagged with two labels, both with rules set up to save to the same library and document class. It is first saved to AODocs using one rule. Then, when the second rule tries to save it again, it is set to warning status. 

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