Library Switcher for advanced users

The Library Switcher lets you switch the storage platform of your AODocs libraries from Google Drive to Google Cloud Storage. 

Learn more: What's the difference between Google Cloud Storage (GCS) and Google Drive storage?

This article provides assistance when running the switch process.

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Manage errors

If any attachments can't be converted to Google Cloud Storage, the switch process continues and a list of the documents that failed is provided at the end of the process, along with their error messages. After correcting the documents concerned, you can rerun the switch process on the files that failed. 

Errors can occur at any stage in the switch process, which cause the switch process to pause. You can either retry the library switch or perform a rollback. 

This is what happens during a rollback:

  • If the conversion of attachments to Google Cloud Storage has already begun, all Google Cloud Storage attachments are removed from their AODocs documents and Google Drive attachments are restored. The Google Cloud Storage attachments remain in the bucket. 
  • When the rollback is complete, the library is available to users and you can rerun a switch later. 

Note: The conversion of a Team Folder or Secured Folder to a Document Management library cannot be reversed. 

View Library Switcher events in the library audit log

When you run a library switch, the following events are recorded in the library audit log:

  • Lock the library
  • Convert a Team Folder or Secured Folder to a Document Management Library
  • In the document class, add a new property to enable Google Cloud Storage attachments
  • In the AODocs document, convert each attachment from Google Drive to Google Cloud Storage
    Event: DOCUMENT_UPDATED (including the version ID

Note: This removes the Google Drive attachments and adds the Google Cloud Storage attachments at the same time.

  • Set the document class as Google Cloud Storage
  • Set the library as Google Cloud Storage and set the attachment search engine to Google Cloud Storage
    Two events: LIBRARY_UPDATED 
  • Unlock the library 
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