Getting started with the Library Switcher

The Library Switcher lets you switch the storage platform of your AODocs libraries from Google Drive to Google Cloud Storage or Azure Blob storage.  

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This article describes the prerequisites for using the Library Switcher.

Important: Before using the Library Switcher, contact the AODocs Sales team by email at They will guide you through the initial steps. 


On the AODocs side

The AODocs Services Team will activate Google Cloud Services storage or Azure Blob storage on your AODocs domain. 

Note: AODocs Content Services licenses are required to activate Google Cloud Storage or Azure Blob storage on your AODocs domain. Contact our sales team at to learn more.

On your side

1. Make sure that no users access the library or Google Drive during the switch.

2. You need the following accounts to perform a switch: 

– You must grant permissions to use your AODocs storage account.
– If the AODocs Service team is going to run your migrations on your behalf, you must give them access to your AODocs storage account so the Library Switcher can recover and convert the Google Drive attachments. 

Learn more about service accounts from the Google Help Center.

Note: The service account consumes a license on your domain for the duration of the switch. Learn more: How are user licenses allocated in AODocs?

3. Prepare your library:

  • Check in all documents in your library. If any documents are checked out, an error occurs during the switch process. Learn more: 
  • Make sure Documents are read-only when not checked out is not set in the document class or workflow settings.
  • You are recommended to remove any documents from the trash. All documents in the trash are ignored during the switch process.
  • You must deactivate any "Update action" type custom scripts. To do this, delete all your update custom actions defined in the Custom tab in the Document classes section of the library administration. You don't need to delete the associated custom script.

Learn more: Custom scripts.


  • Remove or replace any files identified by Google as malware. They cannot be processed by the Library Switcher. 
  • Remove attachment types from documents that aren't supported by the Library Switcher. Learn more about which file types are incompatible with the Library Switcher.  
  • Remove or fix any attachments with invalid values or with evaluation errors. They cannot be processed by the Library Switcher. 

Tip: To identify invalid values and evaluation errors you can configure columns or set up filters in views. 

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