Getting started with the Library Switcher

The Library Switcher lets you switch the storage platform of your AODocs libraries from Google Drive to Google Cloud Storage. 

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This article explains how to get started with the Library Switcher.

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On the AODocs side

The AODocs Services Team will activate Google Cloud Services storage on your AODocs domain. 

Note: AODocs Content Services licenses are required to activate Google Cloud Storage on your AODocs domain. Contact our sales team at to learn more.

On your side

1. Make sure that no users access the library during the switch.

2. You need the following accounts to perform a switch: 

  • the library's storage account: this is the account you will use to configure and run the switch; in addition, you must give AODocs access to the storage account so the Library Switcher can recover and convert the Google Drive attachments

Note: You need to grant permissions to use your storage account.

Learn more about service accounts from the Google Help Center.

3. Prepare your library:

Access the Library Switcher

1. Follow this link:

You can now switch the storage platform of your AODocs libraries.

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