Authorizations for standalone UFO

The Universal File Opener (UFO) is a Google Chrome extension. It allows you to:

  • open non-Google files locally on your computer using the corresponding software
  • save the changes you made locally back to Google Drive or AODocs

UFO is fully compatible with the Smartbar and AODocs. However, you can also use UFO as a standalone extension. This article explains the authorizations you need to grant the first time you use the standalone UFO extension.

Important: You can't use AFO as a standalone extension. Learn more: What are the UFO and AFO extensions?

Authorizations for standalone UFO

If you're using UFO without the Smartbar or AODocs, you're prompted to give permissions when you use UFO for the first time.

Note: If you have the Smartbar installed or if you're using UFO with AODocs or Awesome Drive, UFO is automatically authorized after installing it. You won't be prompted to grant authorizations for UFO.


Press Allow to grant permissions to use UFO.

Learn more: Permissions required by the Universal File Opener (UFO).

If you’re using several Google Accounts in the same Chrome session and you don’t want to give permissions to UFO for the current account, press Never for this account.

Note: If you subsequently install the Smartbar for this account, UFO will automatically be authorized. You won't see the authorization prompt, but UFO will be active and authorized for this account.

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