AODocs mobile: Browse your documents

The AODocs mobile app is a mobile application that brings AODocs features directly into your mobile device.

This article explains how to:

Browse your documents using views
Browse folders
Search for documents using keywords

Browse your documents using views

If multiple views are configured in your library, you can select different views to access your documents.

1. Press the button displaying the name of the current view to open the list of available views.

– The views button displays the name of the current view.
– If only one view is configured in your library, the views button is not available.

2. Select the required view.


The view opens and the available items (folders, if defined, and documents) are listed in alphabetical order.

Note: Any draft documents you can access are displayed with a yellow Draft tag. 

Browse folders

You can navigate the folder structure to access your documents.

Note: Learn about known limitations with browsing folders in the mobile app.

Press the name of a folder to open it.


The available items are listed.

Search for documents using keywords

1. Press the Search button.


2. In the list of previous searches, you can:

  • press an item to rerun a previous search
  • press the cross to delete an item from your list of previous searches


2. Alternatively, in the search bar, fill in one or more keywords.

The list of documents is updated and displays all the documents that have one or more of your keywords in any of the following:

  • title
  • system properties
  • custom properties
  • description field
  • attachments


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