AODocs mobile: Add photos and images to documents

The AODocs mobile app is a mobile application that brings AODocs features directly into your mobile device.

This article explains how to add photos and images to documents in Document Management libraries.

Note: This feature isn't yet available in Team Folders and Secured Folders.

To add photos and images to your documents:

1. Open a document in a Document Management library. 

2. Press the More actions button at the top of the document page. 

3. Select Attach images, then:

  • Take a picture: the camera on your device opens and you can take a picture
  • Choose images: the photo gallery on your device opens and you can select one or more images

Note: If you haven't done so already, you need to grant AODocs permissions to use the camera, access the storage on your device and access your Google Drive. Learn more: Authorizations and permissions.

4. Confirm your choice. The images or photo are added to your document as attachments.


Important: If you're using Android 12, it's not currently possible to use the Take a picture option. We recommend taking a picture with your camera app and then using the Choose images button to attach your picture to your document. 
The following pop-up appears if you select Take a picture:

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