View migration reports

Migrate for AODocs is a tool that allows you to migrate files and folders into your AODocs libraries.

Important: Migrate for AODocs is currently available for our service teams only. For EAP access, contact

When you have completed a migration, you can view a report showing the duration of the migration and (for advanced migrations only) details about each stage. 

View quick migration reports
View advanced migration report

View quick migration reports

In your list of quick migrations, hover over Repot in the Stage column. A popup appears indicating the duration of your migration. 

Learn more: Run migrations in quick mode.

Tip: For migrations that are still in progress, a popup is available in the Stage column indicating details about the current stage.


View advanced migration reports

Learn more: Run migrations in advanced mode.

1. Select the Finished tab. Your list of completed migrations is displayed. 

2. Press the name of a migration to open the right panel. 

3. Select the Activity tab.

A report is displayed, showing:

  • the total duration of the migration
  • details of each stage of the migration, including errors 


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