AODocs overview: AODocs Document Management features

AODocs provides a content services platform tightly integrated into Google Drive and Workspace (formerly G Suite). AODocs offers a flexible and scalable set of features to accommodate  your specific business needs. 

There are two AODocs packages:

  • AODocs Document Management (features listed below): this is the core AODocs offering
  • AODocs Application Platform: all the Document Management features listed below, plus advanced integrations to take AODocs further – learn more: AODocs Application Platform features

AODocs Document Management features are listed in the table below.



Corporate ownership
  • All files managed by AODocs are owned by a corporate Google Account (called the AODocs storage account).
  • Files belong to the company instead of end users.
  • When employees leave your company, the files they created are kept and are still managed by the AODocs storage account. This means that your team can carry on working with the files, and your company's data is never compromised.

Learn more: What is the AODocs storage account?

Secured sharing

You can:

Search in folders (Google Drive)

Search for files in a selected folder in Google Drive

Push folders

You can:

Universal File Opener (UFO)

You can:

  • open any type of non-Google file (such as Microsoft Word or PDF) stored in Google Drive using your local desktop applications – there's no file size limitation
  • save local changes directly back to Google Drive via a synchronization application (UFO Sync Client)
  • automatically lock files to prevent concurrent modifications

Learn more: Universal File Opener (UFO)

Document properties (metadata)

Metadata are document properties specific to individual AODocs documents. Properties give context to documents so authorized users can better manage and find their documents.

Each property has its own settings: mandatory or optional; visible or hidden. Properties can have validation rules. They can be defined as mono-value or multi-value.

Custom properties types: String/Text, Date/Time, Number, Person, Boolean, URL, Geopoint, Categories.

Learn more: Configure custom properties from Google Drive

Document views

A view is a page in AODocs that lists AODocs documents.

  • Library administrators can predefine ways to view, browse, filter, and sort AODocs documents. 
  • Views can be based on the role of a user, and/or the permission settings relevant to this user

Learn more: Configure views

Calculated elements (properties and titles)

Library administrators can calculate properties and document titles based on other properties or static values.

  • Calculated properties: create properties with values determined by a formula (for example: a unique ID, calculation of a date)
  • Examples of use cases:
    • Define a naming convention for your documents
    • Calculate a document ID
    • Populate a “total” field
    • Set a review date to 90 days before the expiration date on a document

Learn more: Create formulas for calculated elements

Version control
  • Easily create and manage versions of AODocs documents. When you create a new version of an AODocs document, the document, its properties (metadata) and its attachments are duplicated and archived.
  • Easily retrieve and edit information in the latest or an older version of a AODocs document.
  • Check-out and check-in your AODocs documents to restrict access to the draft version while you're editing.

Learn more: Version control


AODocs provides comprehensive process automation capabilities, from simple content approval to complex business workflows. AODocs workflows include a powerful set of features that let you configure:

  • manual and automatic workflow transitions
  • workflow transitions triggered by changes to a property
  • check-out / check-in documents during the workflow
  • email notifications with email templates
  • workflow reminders
  • permissions on workflow steps
  • traceability via the audit log

Learn more: 

Advanced viewer

  • View advanced file types through the AODocs interface:

      • CAD files
      • Email files
      • Medical image files
      • Visio files
      • Web files 

Learn more: Preview attachments

Custom scripts and APIs

Facilitate the development of third-party integrations or applications on top of AODocs, through a user-friendly REST API. After signing our specific Terms of Service you'll have access to:

  • The AODocs API
  • Quick start guide to easily develop your first application integrated with AODocs 
  • Extensive API reference documentation

Learn more: Custom scripts

Note: To request access to the API, contact your sales representative or send an email to:

Mobile application

You can access AODocs features directly from your phone or tablet. The AODocs mobile app is available on Android and iOS.

Learn more: AODocs mobile app

Bulk Updater

Bulk Updater lets users easily update AODocs Documents properties (metadata) in bulk:

  • Export a list of AODocs documents and their properties to a Google spreadsheet.
  • Update the properties in the Google Sheet.
  • Re-import the modified properties into AODocs.
  • Configure automatic data exports into AODocs (daily, twice per day, or every hour) for data analysis.

Learn more: Bulk Updater


The AODocs Smartbar brings AODocs features to:

  • Google Drive
  • Google Docs, Sheets and Slides
  • Gmail

Learn more: The AODocs Smartbar


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