AODocs mobile: Known limitations

The AODocs mobile app is a mobile application that brings AODocs features directly into your mobile device.

This article provides information on the known limitations of the AODocs mobile app.

Open attachments
Edit properties
Display inline images in the document description
Browse folders
Sort your list of libraries in order of the last time you accessed them
Sort libraries with pending workflow tasks


Open attachments

If you select to open attachments with:

  • an app installed on your mobile device, you must select the account associated with the app before opening the attachment
  • your browser, you must be signed in to your browser using your AODocs user account

Note: If you're:
– signed in using a different Google account, that account is used to open your browser
– not signed in using another Google account, you are directed to the Google sign-in page

Edit properties

You can edit the following property types using the AODocs mobile app:

  • Text and String
  • Time, Date, and Date & Time
  • Decimal and Integer

All other property types are visible but read-only for now.  

In edit mode, properties using conditional logic aren't recalculated in real time. This concerns

  • properties whose values are calculated automatically: the new property value is calculated and updated when you save your document

  • properties that are conditionally hidden or mandatory: the mandatory/hidden status is checked when you press Save

Note: In some cases, you may get an error, for example, if an empty property becomes mandatory due to the conditional logic applied when you save. In this specific case, you must access the web application to edit your document.

Learn more:

Display inline images in the document description

Inline images are currently not displayed in the AODocs document description page. We're working on fixing this issue.

Browse folders

In the AODocs mobile app, this feature is only available if the view has a browsing option set as Browse by Folder and there are no pre-filtering criteria based on folders.

Sort your list of libraries in order of the last time you accessed them

If you sort your libraries in order of the last time you accessed them, only the first 100 libraries are sorted this way, the other libraries are sorted by name.

Sort libraries with pending workflow tasks

In the AODocs mobile app, it's not possible to sort libraries that have pending workflow tasks.

This feature was available in the beta version. However, we identified various behaviours which were not effective and removed it entirely.

Instead, when you browse your pending workflow tasks, you can search for libraries using keywords

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