Configure categories

A category is a type of custom property in an AODocs document. Learn more: What are categories?

A category is composed of a set of values, for example, a list of electronic products or countries. Users can select from the predefined category values in a drop-down list when a document is in edit mode.

Important: Categories are configured at the library level and can be assigned to one or more category properties in the same document class or in different document classes.

Administrators can create and configure categories. Category values managers can configure categories once they've been created by an administrator. Learn more: What are roles?

This article explains how to:

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Define values for categories

1. Access the library administration.

2. Under Categories, select Define values for the category to which you want to add values.

3. Select Add new value and enter the category values in the first column. You can add a short name for a category value in the second column.

– Values are displayed in the document page (view mode) where users assign values to categories.
– Short names are displayed in views.

Learn more:

4. Select the edit button to rename values or their short names.

5. To remove values:

  • Select Delete to permanently delete them.

Important: If a value is assigned to a document (on current or previous versions) you can't delete it. In this situation, we recommend setting the value as outdated.

  • Select the Outdated checkbox to keep a specific value for historical reasons but prevent contributors from assigning this value on documents.

– Outdated values aren't available for selection in the list of values for a category.
– Outdated values are still displayed in documents where they were previously assigned and users can still save the document.
– If you quickly select then deselect the Outdated button for Category values, an information message is displayed and you can't edit the interface for the length of time it takes for AODocs to update all the values in the sub-levels (if any).


Search for category values

If your category level contains a long list of values, you can run a search.

1. Open a category level.

2. Enter a search value in the search box and click Search.

The results matching your search appear.

Note: The search applies to the current category level.

3. Click Reset to return to the original list.

Note: AODocs has recommended limits for the number of values defined in a category.


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  • I need a list that when clic item autofill others text box.

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  • Hi Samuel,
    Could you give more details about your use case? Depending on your need, you could use Conditional logic to automatically calculate properties. It is explained here:

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  • I solved it with a script. Choose a item of the list, then when save, automatically fill the text box. Thank you !

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  • Hi Samuel,

    Thanks for sharing your need, and your answer.
    I understand you have a document with a Category property, ans other (text) properties, which need to be automatically filled in once the user picks a value from the Category property. Am I correct?

    In this case, we strongly suggest the use of "calculated property values" that Nicolas mentioned (over the use of Custom Scripts), since:
    - They are more adapted for this kind of needs
    - They are more robust over time (e.g. if your property gets renamed)
    - You can enjoy real-time update: your text properties get filed in immediately after the Category value is selected, instead of having to wait for the whole document to be saved.

    We'd be glad to discuss your use case and this implementation, should you need additional details.

    Best Regards,

    Adrien, for AODocs Product Team

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  • Finally was not a category , this propertie was a list of people (person propertie) when the user select one person, with the custom scrip search person information and fill other text properties. I didn't know how to solve it with "calculate properties". Thank you!

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  • I have a document class for key risks and one of the property is risk level that is based on three fixed category of "High, Medium, Low" (not dynamic). Is there a way to add basic colors so that the respective category icon in the Beta view appears as RED, ORANGE, GREEN?

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  • Hello, is it possible to apply a sort to Category values in how they appear? For example, the months of the year in order? In lieu of that, a numerical sorting would also be beneficial. Currently, a category sorts itself like [1, 11, 2], rather than in order [1, 2, 11]. Is this currently possible?

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  • Hi Taylor Beaty,
    It is currently not possible to reorder the category values. There's a feature request on the Community, where customers share details of this need:
    You may consider adding your vote to this one!

    Hi Siang Leng Sim:
    1) you can copy-paste standard emojis in the category values or short name, so you see the color code on the view page: having "Low 🟢" as a category value or "🟢" as a short name (and "Medium 🟡" and "High 🔴".
    2) It is also possible to have another property, calculated, displaying the right emoji depending on the "Risk value" property.
    Does this help?

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