AOBulk permissions

AOBulk is a tool that allows you to migrate files and folders into your AODocs libraries.

Important: AOBulk is currently available for our service teams only. For EAP access, contact

Below is a summary of the actions performed by the different elements of AOBulk for which you need to grant permissions.

  Your professional account   Uploader account AODocs storage account
(user interface)
Access list of AODocs libraries - -
Gateway Create spreadsheets Upload attachments to Drive Update attachments already uploaded

Initialize the AODocs structure,
Create documents

- -


 Grant permissions to access AOBulk
 Grant permissions to access Gateway
 Grant permissions for the API: your professional account


Grant permissions to access AOBulk

When you access AOBulk with your professional account, grant the following permissions.

View and manage Google Drive files and folders that you have opened or created with this app AOBulk lets you choose a Google Drive folder to import into AODocs. It then requires access to your Google Drive to list files in your My Drive.


Grant permissions to access Gateway

You’re requested to grant permissions when you:

See and download all your Google Drive files To let you import files from your My Drive into AODocs, Gateway requires read-only access to your My Drive to push your files into AODocs.
See, edit, create and delete your spreadsheets in Google Drive AOBulk creates the extraction and migration spreadsheets in your My Drive.


Grant permissions for the API

The API uses the same set of permissions you granted to access AOBulk with your professional account, so you just need to confirm once and you’re done!

Associate you with your personal info on Google The API needs to know your email to check you can access the migration.
View your email address
See, edit, create and delete your spreadsheets in Google Drive To perform the migration, the API reads the migration spreadsheet and add the AODocs ID at the end of each line after the document creation process.
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