UFO: View locked files in Google Drive

The Universal File Opener (UFO) is a Google Chrome extension. It enhances the Google Drive and AODocs experience by allowing you to:

  • open non-Google files locally on your computer using the corresponding software
  • save the changes you made locally back to Google Drive or AODocs

You can see if files are locked in Google Drive before opening them.

– Only shared files are locked by UFO.
– The lock status is available in Google Drive only if you're using UFO as a standalone extension without the AODocs Smartbar. Learn more: What is the AODocs Smartbar?

Tip: You can also access the lock status of files by accessing your cached files. Learn more: View and manage your cached files.

Hover over a non-Google file in Google Drive. A pop-up indicates whether the file is:

  • locked by another user – you can't edit the file until the lock expires, but you can open it in view mode




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