Install the AwesomeTable connector

AwesomeTable is a web application that lets you display the content of a Google spreadsheet as various efficient and user-friendly types of views.

AwesomeTable connector can synchronize the content of your AODocs library with a Google Spreadsheet to display it with AwesomeTable powerful rendering features.

Install the AwesomeTable connector (end-users)
About the auto-update feature
Install the G Suite Marketplace app (super administrators)

Install the AwesomeTable connector (end-users)

1. Go to the AODocs AwesomeTable connector in the Chrome marketplace.

2. Press Free.


3. A new spreadsheet opens in Google Sheets and the add-on is installed.
    The Let’s get started pop-up opens.

4. Press Continue to grant the requested permissions.

About the auto-update feature

The auto-update feature lets you synchronize the content of your Google spreadsheet with your AODocs view automaticallyThe content is updated every hour. 

Learn more: Synchronize the spreadsheet with the AODocs view.

Depending on whether you want to use the auto-update feature, you have these options:


Install the G Suite Marketplace app (super administrators)

As an AODocs super administrator, you can install the G Suite Marketplace app to make the auto-refresh feature available to all AwesomeTable connector users on your domain.

1. Go to the AODocs AwesomeTable connector in the G Suite Marketplace.

2. Press Domain install.


3. Press Continue.


4. Grant the required permissions to install the Marketplace app. 

5. Press Done.

The Marketplace app is now installed and the auto-refresh feature is available for all AwesomeTable connector users in your domain.


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