Bulk Updater: Run your updates

Bulk Updater is a web application that lets you update in bulk the properties (also called metadata) of your AODocs documents. All users can use the export feature in Bulk Updater; only library administrators and super administrators can use the update feature.

Before running an update, you must configure and run an export and edit the properties of your AODocs documents in your spreadsheet.

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Run an update

1. Select the Recent tab.

2. If required, open the spreadsheet associated with the export to update and edit the properties of your AODocs documents.

3. Click Start an update next to the export you want to update.

4. A dialog opens. If required, select Do not alter the last updater and last modified date.

Note: If you don't select this box, during the update the last modification date of the document is set to the current date and the last modifier is set to the user who ran the update.

5. In the dialog, click Run!


Tip: During the update, the progress bar shows the number of documents in error, updated, ignored, and pending update.

Your update also appears in the list of updates. When the status changes to DONE, your AODocs properties have been updated!

Note: When you update documents with Bulk Updater, any calculated properties are recalculated. Learn more:
Edit custom properties
Create and configure calculated properties

View your updates

1. Select the Recent tab.

2. Click List previous update next to the update you want to view.

A dialog opens showing details of the previous updates:

  • the date you ran the update
  • the status of the update
  • how many documents were updated and ignored
  • how many errors occurred

3. Click OK to close the dialog.


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  • I would like to know what I can do with the script "update menu" in the spreadsheet associated with the export.
    Does it do the same action than the "Action > Start an update" in the contextual menu of the Bulk Updater?

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  • How can we undo the last update done with bulk updater? Is it possible to return the system to the state 2 days ago?

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  • If your spreadsheet has the history of the situation of the library 2 days ago, you could use the document history of the Google Sheet and rerun the bulk updater to revert the documents to their previous configuration.

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