What is the DocuSign integration?

DocuSign offers an electronic signature system for digital files.
The AODocs-DocuSign connector lets you use DocuSign electronic signature features directly from an AODocs workflow.

Before the signature process, you can leverage AODocs features such as workflow and properties to prepare your document content, tag the required information about the signees and internally review your document.

When the document is ready to be signed, AODocs automatically delegates the signature process to DocuSign.

After all parties have signed the document, DocuSign secures a signed PDF version of your document in your AODocs library.

Check out this video for a signature process example.

Important note on licenses:
- To use the DocuSign integration contact your AODocs sales representative or send an email to sales@aodocs.com.
- DocuSign integration is available for AODocs Document Management and AODocs Application Platform licenses.
- You must purchase AODocs-DocuSign connector licenses from AODocs.
- You must also purchase DocuSign licenses from DocuSign.

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