Create documents from emails in Document Management libraries (in any email client)

AODocs can transform an email sent to a specially configured email address into an AODocs document. This article describes the procedure for Document Management libraries. Learn more: Create documents from emails in Team Folders and Secured Folders.

Important: This feature is only available for libraries using Google Drive. It isn't available in libraries using other storage platforms such as Google Cloud Storage (GCS) or Azure Blob storage. Learn more: Where is my content stored?

To create an AODocs document from an email, an inbound email address must first be configured by library administrators. Learn more: Configure emails to documents.

When the email address is configured, users who can create documents in the library can send an email to this address. The email is converted into an AODocs document and added to the library. You can use any email client (such as Gmail) or any application (such as a printer or ticketing tools) to send the emails.

Important: You can't send the email using a Google group email address.

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Create a document from an email

1. Create a new email and in the To field, enter the specially configured email address.

2. Enter a subject and some text in the main body.

3. Add one or more attachments if required.


4. AODocs converts the incoming email into an AODocs document as described below:

  • The destination address in the email corresponds to an inbound address configured in an AODocs library. AODocs uses this email address to convert the incoming email.
  • The From address becomes the document creator.
  • The Subject becomes the title of the AODocs document.
  • The body of the email becomes the rich text Description of the AODocs document. The HTML formatting in the email body is preserved in the AODocs document unless your administrator chose the plain text setting. Learn more: Configure emails to documents.
  • Any files attached to the email are saved to Google Drive and attached to the AODocs document.
  • If a library administrator has associated a document template with the email address, the document created in AODocs will have the default properties and the default attachments of the template (in addition to any attachments from the email).

5. When the conversion is complete, AODocs sends a confirmation email to the sender. The email provides a link to the new document.


6. Open the document in AODocs.


– If the document class has a default template and a library administrator hasn't associated the email address with a template, the new document is created using the default template. The properties are copied from the template and the attachments are taken from the template and from the email.
– If a library administrator has associated the email address with a folder, the document is created in the defined folder. If no folder is associated with the email address, the document is created at the root level of the library.
– Library administrators can force Microsoft Office files to be converted to Google Docs format.
– The total size of the email sent to AODocs is limited to 24 MB, including the email body and all the attachments.

Note about permissions

The From address of the sender's email is used to determine whether the document can be created by the email sender. AODocs checks if the email sender has the permission to create documents in the library. If not, AODocs sends an email to the sender containing an error message.


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  • Once your email has been created and associated with a document class, click on the email address to further configure the email address:

    Natively, we only support the creation of one document when you send one email.

    A workaround to that is to create a Google Group with only 2 members: the AODocs email addresses of the two templates you want to create. When an authorized user (legitimate document creator of your document class) will send an email to the Google Group, the email will be sent to both email addresses and therefore creating both documents.

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  • Hello,
    Is it possible to add information from the email body to the different properties of my class and not dop it in the description ?
    Thank you

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  • Hello,
    How to associate a document template with the email address ?
    In my case, I have 2 templates for one document class and when I send a email to the address, the system create a document with the combination of my 2 templates.

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  • 2nd question : can we create several documents with one email only ?

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  • Thanks Thibault for your response !
    The email settings pop-up didn't show at first but now it is working well.

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