Access the AODocs interface from Drive

Some actions can only be performed in the AODocs interface: publish to the web, manage sharing permissions in a secured folder, ... 
Thus, when working in a Team Folder and a Secured Folder library using the AODocs Smartbar, you might need to switch from the Drive interface to the AODocs interface.

Click on the App launcher button (1) and click on “More” (2).

Opening the App launcher

Scroll down and click on the AODocs icon (3).

Clicking on the AODocs icon

You are redirected to the AODocs homepage, where all the libraries you have access to are displayed. 
Open any library by clicking on its name.

Libraries displayed in the AODocs interface

When working in the Drive interface, you can open directly a library, a folder or a document in the AODocs interface.

Right-click on the library root folder, on a folder or a document you want to open in AODocs.
Then select “Open with” and click on the AODocs icon (4) to open your library, folder or document in the AODocs Interface.

Opening a library with AODocs

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