Native Google Documents Limitations

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In AODocs interface, native Google files (Docs, Sheet and Slides) are displayed in an iframe (1), under the AODocs header (2).

In the AODocs interface, there are:

1. Disabled features
2. Non working features
3. Features with specific behavior

To benefit from most of the disabled features, you can open your document in the Google Drive interface by clicking on the “Open this file in Drive” icon (3).

AODocs Header, Google Drive iframe and “Open in Google Drive” button.

The only feature unavailable from the Drive interface is the “Publish to the web”, since only the owner of the document can perform the action. You can perform this action from the AODocs interface for Team and Secured folders’ documents (See the point (9) below) .

1. Disabled features in AODocs User Interface

The "Share" button (4) is greyed and not available in the iframe. The sharing permissions can be managed through the button "Edit document or folder permissions" (5).

Learn more here: Permissions in AODocs overview

The "Move to Trash" (6) option from the “File” menu is not available in iframe. To delete a document from the AODocs interface, you can click on the “More actions” button and select “Delete” (7).

“Email collaborators..." and "Email as attachment...” options (8) are not available in iframe. However, it is possible to bypass this problem by opening the document in Google Drive. 

In a Team or a Secured Folder, the “Publish to the Web” option for native Google files is not available because only the owner of a document can publish to the web in Google Drive. However, the possibility to publish a document on the Web is available through the AODocs button in (9).

Disabled features in AODocs User Interface

2. Non working features

The following features are not working on iframes (clicking on it would leads to the opening of a blank pop-up):

The “Move to ...” icon (10) is displayed in the iframe but leads to an error message. To move the location of a document from one folder to another, you can click on the “Manage folders” button (11).

Note: “Manage folder” icon is not available for checked out documents. 

Some actions are not working on iframes but can be triggered in the Google Drive interface:

  • Insert or replace image and videos (12)
  • Help > Report a problem (13)
  • Import files (only for Google Sheets) (14)
  • View > HTML view (only for Google Slides) (15)

Looking the available actions which work only in the Google Drive interface 

Import functionality of Google Sheets embedded in AODocs

HTML view functionnality of a Google Slides in AODocs

3. Features with specific behavior

When clicking on the "New" button (16) through the iframe, a new tab opens allowing to name and modify the new document. However, it is created on the root folder of the user's Google Drive.

However, when the user is administrator or contributor, it is possible to move this newly created document into AODocs.
Learn more here: Add documents to your Secured Folder

To create a document which will located directly in the currently opened AODocs' folder, and so through the iframe, the user just needs to click on the "New" button through the AODocs header (17).

When using the functionality "Make a Copy" through the iframe (18), the same behavior as when using “New” (see previous paragraph) can be noticed.

The simplest way to copy a document opened in the iframe is to click on the "Copy Document" button in the AODocs header (19).

Features “New” and Make a Copy in the iframe and in the AODocs header

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