Use AODocs bookmarklet: Permission Export

The Permission Export bookmarklet lets library administrators export the permissions of their libraries. The output of the export can be displayed as a CSV file or a Google spreadsheet.

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Supported pages and permissions

Permission Export can only be used from the AODocs homepage. It can retrieve the permissions only for the libraries in which the user who is running the bookmarklet has administrator rights.

Using the bookmarklet as a super administrator exports the permissions for all libraries on the current domain.

Run Permission Export

1. After installing Permission Export, go to the AODocs homepage with the right permissions.

2. Click Permission Export in your bookmark bar.


3. The Libraries Permission Export dialog opens. Select:

  • the libraries from which to export permissions

Tip: You can select the checkbox at the top of the Libraries list to select all your libraries.

  • the output file: a CSV file or a Google spreadsheet

Note: By default:
– all the libraries where the user has administrator rights are in the scope of the export
– the output file is a Google spreadsheet

4. Click Execute to run the permission export.


5. When the export is complete:

  • a Google spreadsheet is created in your My Drive and opens in a new tab if you selected Spreadsheet
  • a CSV file is downloaded locally if you selected CSV


The output file contains these columns:

  • Library name
  • Library ID
  • Permission User Name
  • Permission User Email
  • Permission User Role

Each user permission is described on one row.

The permissions extracted from the libraries are the permissions set at the root level of the library. The permissions defined at the document class level, at a folder level, at a document level or at a workflow level are not detailed in the export.

Note: If Google groups are set at the root level, the name and email of the Google group populates the output file. The members of the group aren't listed.


If an end user tries to use Permission Export bookmarklet and has no administrator rights through the entire domain, the Permission Export dialog displays an error message.

Error message for displayed for viewers or contributors

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