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1. Definition

The “Document Export” bookmarklet enables users to export the properties of one or several documents. This export output can be displayed in a CSV file or a Google Sheets.

2. Supported pages and permissions

The “Document export” can be triggered from different pages of the AODOcs End User Interface with specific permissions:
The user executing the bookmarklet must be at least a viewer of the Library.
- The user can launch the bookmarklet from 2 locations only: the library homepage and a document view of a library.

3. How to use the “Document Export”?

After the “Document Export” bookmarklet installation, go on a page supported by the bookmarklet where you have viewer permissions and click on the bookmarklet button in your bookmark bar (1).

Launching the “Document Export” bookmarklet on AODocs

Then pop up of the “Document Export” appears displaying two parameters needed for the export:

  • The scope of the export: choose to export all the documents from the library or all the documents from a specific view.
  • The format of the output export: CSV file or a Google Sheet (3).

If you are triggering the “Document Export” from the library homepage, the scope of the export is by default set on “All documents of this library”.
If you are click on “Document Export” from a specific view, the scope of the export is by default set on all documents from your specific view.

Click on next page (4).

Choosing the parameters of the “Document export”

On the new tab, select the properties to export (5) and click on “Execute”(6).

Note: To export all documents of your library having views with different properties displayed, only the properties common to all libraries can be exported.

Choosing the export parameters

Depending on the output options, a Google Spreadsheet is created on MyDrive and opens in a new tab or a CSV file is downloaded locally on your computer.

The properties exported are shown in a table where the columns are the name of the properties, and documents are listed in the spreadsheet rows.

Spreadsheet of the “Document export”

The “Document Export” can only export 1,000 documents per batch.

If you have more than 1,000 documents, after each exports of 1,000 documents, the “Document Export” pop up asks you to click on “Continue” to run another export of the next 1,000 documents.

Click on Continue to run another 1,000 documents export

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