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In the AODocs user interface, it is possible to delete a folder when you have the permission to edit it.

In order to delete a folder, access an AODocs document list and select a folder (1). In the AODocs toolbar, click on the icon "Delete the folder" (2).

Deleting a folder

A pop-up appears to inform you that the selected items will be deleted. Administrators can restore the deleted documents (see limitations below).

Learn more here: Manage deleted documents

Validate the deletion by clicking on "Delete" (3) or cancel it (4).

Validating the folder deletion


  • As a contributor, you can only delete content you have edit access on. For instance, if a contributor deletes the folder "F" filled with read-only documents and edit-access documents, only the edit-access documents are sent to the library trash. The folder "F" and the read-only documents it contains will not be deleted.
  • It is not possible to restore a folder, only the individual documents it contains.
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