Share your library with external users

As a library administrator, you can enable external users to access your AODocs library.

Follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Contact the super administrators of your domain. They can allowlist individual users, domains or Google groups. Learn more: Manage external users.
  • Step 2: Add your external users to the library security interface.
  • Step 3: Make sure your external users receive an email with a link to your library.

External users have to access the AODocs user interface. They must follow the link they receive and accept the permissions required to access AODocs library homepage. Learn more: Access an AODocs library as an external user.

Two options are available to share your AODocs library:

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Note: In our example:
– the administrator of the AODocs library is Bob,
– the external user who doesn’t have an AODocs account and wants to access Bob's library is A super administrator has allowlisted this user.

In Team Folders or Secured Folders

1. Click the Library security button. The Library security dialog opens. 

2. In the Root folder permissions tab, enter the email address of the external user and click Add.

3. Define the external user's permissions.

4. If required, select the checkboxes:

  • Add a library shortcut to the My Drive of every user
  • Notify users by email when you the library shortcut is added to their My Drive

Note: We recommend that you select the Notify users via email checkbox. The user will automatically receive an email notification, indicating that they have access to the library.

  • Prevent viewers from downloading, copying and printing

5. Click Save. A green bar appears on the top of the page.


Below is the email notification that the external user receives:


In all types of library

Copy the URL of your AODocs library and send it manually to your external user by email or chat.


Below is an example of an email notification that the external user could receive:

Individualized email sent to your external user

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  • Is there a less manual way to share a library link internally, as opposed to copying the link URL and manually sending? I know from the backend you can grab the View URL, but only admins can do that. It would be nice to share a page or view automatically. Is this spossible?

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  • Currently, this is the only advised option but your idea is a good candidate for our feature requests. Can you please contribute here by adding your idea as a new post: ?

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