Convert Microsoft Office files to Google files

When using Google Drive with the AODocs Smartbar extension, you can convert the Microsoft Office files of your Secured Folder library to Google Files.

This operation is available to any user with edit rights.

To convert a Microsoft Office file, select the file you want to convert from the list of documents and click on the button “more action button” (1).

Clicking on the “More action’” button

Then click on “Convert to Google Docs“ (2).

Converting a Microsoft Office Document to Google Docs

You are able to choose the destination folder for the converted document, either in “My Drive” or “The current folder” (3). You also have the ability to delete the original file (4).

When you have entered your choices, click on “Convert” (5).

Converting a Microsoft Office Document to Google Docs

The converted file is then created in the current folder folder or in your “My Drive” depending on your former choices.

Note: In an AODocs folder, the document created is a new document. The properties and the workflow state of the original file are not copied.

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