Manage the library labels

To better organize your libraries in the AODocs home page, you can tag your libraries with labels, which can be used to browse or filter the list of libraries displayed on the home page. As a super administrator, you can manage the list of existing library labels and apply them to the existing libraries.

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Create a new label

To create a new label, access to the AODocs homepage, click the button “Toggle filter panel” (1), then look at the section ”Labels” (2) and click the “+” button (3).

Creating a new label

A pop-up opens prompting you to enter a label name (4).

The second fields “Nest label under” (5) allows you to nest the new label under another existing label. This creates a hierarchical label structure with labels and sub-labels.

Once the label configuration is done. Click the “SAVE” button (6).

Editing a new label

Remove a label

To remove an existing label, access to the AODocs homepage, then look at the section ”Labels” (7), hover over a label and then click the arrow at the right (8). Then select the option “Remove label” (9).

Removing an existing label

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