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  • This would be more helpful if it specified if this was for Secure or Team Folders. My understanding is that this process is only necessary for Secure folders.

  • Hello Louisa,

    Actually, this is required for both Secured Folder Libraries and Document Management Libraries. Thanks for raising the point.

  • Thanks for the quick response, Thibault. To clarify, do external users need to be added to the whitelist for both Team Folder and Secure Folder libraries? A bit confused, as the article below indicates that it's only necessary for Secure Folder libraries.


  • Hi Louisa,

    Indeed, external users do not need to be whitelisted if you are sharing a library, a folder or a document from a Team Folder Library.
    For the other two types of libraries (Secured Folders and Document Management Library), whitelisting of the user, group or domain is always required.

    I hope it makes the situation clearer.

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