Import folders from Drive in a Secured Folder or Team Folder

In a Secured Folder library or a Team Folder library, you can import a folder stored into your My Drive using the Import folders from Google Drive feature in the AODocs user interface. 

Note: You must have library administrators to perform this operation. 

1. From a view, press the Import folders from Google Drive button (1). 


2. A pop-up displays all the folders you own in Google Drive. Select the folder you want to import (2)

3. Press Import (3).


If you are not an AODocs super administrator, there are two limits concerning the folder import feature:

  • You can only import folders you own.
  • You can't import more than 100 files at once - if you try to import more than 100 files, AODocs refuses to start the import operation.

If one of the limits is reached, the progress bar that appears during the import operation shows an error (4).  Press View more details (5) to see the reason why the import failed.

A pop-up displays the error encountered during the import.

There are two types of error:

  • A problem occurred while importing a specific file (for example, a problem trying to transfer a file’s ownership)
  • The maximum number of imported files (100 files) was exceeded.

Error details - the limit of 100 files has been exceeded

Error details - the files in the folder are not all owned by the user running the import

Note: If you need to import a folder that contains files owned by multiple users, an AODocs super administrator can perform the operation and avoid having ownership transfer errors.

You can also import files from the Google Drive interface if you have installed AOdocs Smartbar.
Learn more here: Add files and folders to your Secured Folder

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