Discover the configurable editor

The configurable editor allows library administrators to customize the look and structure of the documents of a library's class by ordering the sections of the document.

To switch between the configurable editor and the legacy editor, access the “Document Classes” section (1) in the library administration interface and click on the document class you want to configure. Then, open the "Document View Configuration" tab (2).

On top of the tab, there is an option "Choose the document editor:" (3).

Note: The legacy editor is progressively being deprecated. For new document classes, the legacy editor is not available anymore and the configurable editor is forced by default.


Accessing the Document view configuration from the library administration interface

The legacy editor forces a fixed structure of document.

With the configurable editor selected, you can define how AODocs documents should be displayed to the library user.

By default, the option is set on “Configurable editor".

To switch to the legacy editor, open the drop-down menu (4) and select “Legacy”.

Selecting the document editor

Learn more here: Manage the display of AODocs documents

When you open the document with the configurable editor, the properties page displays the system information on top of the page (5). You can edit the document custom properties by clicking the edit button (6).

The attachments are accessible on the left (7).

Configurable document editor

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