Define a category hierarchy with a CSV file

You can bulk import a large list of category values by importing a CSV file into AODocs.
Learn more here: What are categories?

The imported CSV files must have the following format:

  • Each line of the file defines a single category value, with the full path from the top level to the lowest sublevel. In the following example, there are 13 lines.
  • The values for each level are separated by a slash “/”, as you can see in the example below.
  • The last level must end with a slash “/”. In the following example, there is a slash at the end of line 1 because “Montreal” is at the lowest sublevel.
  • You can also define short names directly in the column B. (2) of the .csv file. They will be automatically imported along with categories and subcategories.

Example of a CSV file that can be imported as a list of category values

To generate a CSV file, you can, for example, use a Google spreadsheet, as in our following example and download it as a CSV file (3), (4), (5).


Downloading a Google spreadsheet as a CSV file

You can upload your CSV file in the category editor screen by clicking on the "Add files" button (6) or by dragging your file into the "Drop files here" area (7). Once you have uploaded your CSV file, AODocs will automatically generate the category hierarchy. When the task is completed, you will get a pop-up asking you to refresh the page (8).

By default, the option “Add a short name value if it is not in the .csv file” (9) is checked. In this case, short names will be created automatically if they are not defined in the CSV. The automatically generated short names are the three first letter of the category value. By unchecking this option, the short names are not automatically created and the fields stay if there are not defined in the CSV.

Importing a CSV file to build a category hierarchy

After the refresh of the page, you will see the category hierarchy that you have created.

Note: if you upload a CSV file with multiple levels and if you have not yet created the sublevels, AODocs will automatically create the sublevels and give them default names in the form “Name-of-the-category Level X” (for example, “Country Level 3”).
Learn more here: Configure a category hierarchy

In our example we get:

Drop of the .csv file - Visualisation of the levels and sublevels created in the category "Countries"


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