AODocs Smartbar status

When the AODocs Smartbar is installed, an AODocs button is displayed at the right end of the Chrome URL address box (1). 

AODocs Smartbar button

The Smartbar button can have different aspects to indicate the current status of the Smartbar:

Smartbar Initialising

AODocs Smartbar Initialising button

The first status is represented by a greyed out AODocs logo. It means the Smartbar is not yet initialized and still loading configuration and data from AODocs. The button automatically changes to the “Ready” state or the “Warning” state when the initialization is finished.

Smartbar Ready

AODocs Smartbar Ready button

The Colored AODocs logo is the default logo. It indicates that the Smartbar is installed and operational.

Smartbar Warning

AODocs Smartbar Warning button

The warning signal on the AODocs logo, indicates that an error has occurred. The error might be in a single feature or for the Smartbar itself.

Clicking on the button opens a pop-up displaying a more detailed status and providing configuration controls.

Learn more: AODocs Smartbar settings

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