Create a draft version of a document

The “check-out / check-in” feature provides a way for users to work on a “draft” version of a document while preventing other users from simultaneously editing the document.

The draft is only accessible to the user who performs the check-out operation and the other users he/she authorizes.

The users who have not been authorized to see the draft version will continue to see the “current” version of the document. This means that they will not see the on-going modifications in the “draft” version.

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To check out a document in AODocs, open the document in AODocs by clicking on it (1).

Opening the document from the document list view

Once the document is open, click on the “More actions” button (2) then select the option “Check out” (3).

Checking out a file in an AODocs library

Once the document is checked out, a new version of the document is created. This is the “draft” version. You and the administrators are the only ones who can see this version and edit it.

In the document list view, a draft version can be identified by the users who have access to it. They can see a lock icon (4) on the left of the document title.

Users who do not have access to the draft version will not see the lock icon.

Looking at a checked out document

In document view mode, as the user who checked out the document, you will see two notifications above the document:

  • The first one says that you are working on a draft version. It contains a link to the published version (6).
  • The second one says that the document cannot be modified by other users until you check it back in (7).

And, by default, draft version of a document is named “Draft ${documentTitle}” (5). This can be changed by the administrator.

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Notifications that other users cannot edit the document until it is checked back in

Users who are not authorized to see the draft version will only see the published version, which has the same content than before the check-out.

If they opens the document while it is checked-out, users who had edit access before the check-out will see a notification that the document has been checked-out and that they cannot edit the document until it is checked back in (8).

Users who had read access before the check-out only do not see the notification displayed.

Accessing the published version of the document

As the one who has checked out the document, you can share the draft version with other users, contributors or readers. To share it, click on the “Edit document or folder permissions” button in the toolbar.

The “document permissions” pop-up appear. The first sentence informs you that you are editing the permissions in the draft version (9). The published version is not impacted by the permission changes.

Giving read-only access on the document to a contributor on the draft version

Once you have finished editing your document, you can “Check-in” (10) the document. The “draft” version becomes the new version of the document.

You can also decide to “Cancel the check-out” (11). The draft version will be deleted and the permissions will be restored on the original version.

Learn more here: Cancel the check-out of a document

Checking in a document

If you decide to check in the document, you will be asked to name the new version of this document (12).

Entering the version name when checking in a document

The previous version of the document will still be accessible in “Versions” (13).

Learn more here: Manage document versions in an AODocs library

Managing versions of a document

Note: Only users with edit access on a draft version can check it in or cancel it. A checked-out document cannot be deleted. To be deleted, the document first needs to be checked-in or the check-out needs to be cancelled.

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