Manage document versions in an AODocs library

As a contributor, you can create an AODocs version of a document. This AODocs version is saving the content of the properties, relations, descriptions and attachments of the document. 

- The previous version can be viewed if you have read access on a document.
- The previous version data are in read only.
- Only contributors can create new document versions.

This article explains how to:

 Access the version panel of a document
 Create a new version of a document
 View a previous version of a document
 Revert to a previous version of a document

Access the version panel of a document

1. Open a document.

2. On the side navigation bar, click on the third icon called "Versions". 
The version panel opens. Each version is defined by a name or a number, a version creator and a description.

Create a new version of a document

In the upper part of the version panel, the current version panel with its name, version creator and description.

To create a new version:

1. In the version panel blue header, click on the button "Create new version".

2. Edit the version name.

3. Edit the version description.

4. Click on create.
A new version is created and becomes
 the current version. When creating a new version of an AODocs document, the document, its properties and its attachments are duplicated and archived in case of “revert to this version” (see the section below). The content is not modified.

Note: The version creation can take few seconds according to the number of attachments. The number of version is limited to 200 for a document.

View a previous version of a document

As an AODocs user, you can view the content of the previous version. You can not edit it.

From the version panel of the document:

1. Look at the "Previous versions" section.

2. For the version you want to look at, click on the link "View this version".
The former version opens in a new tab.

Note: On the former version of a document is only possible to preview the Google file attachments. To see a preview of non native attachment, you need to download it.

Revert a document to a previous version

Only contributors can restore the content of a previous version in a new version. 

From the version panel of the document:

1. For the version you want to revert in, click on the icon "Revert to this version".

2. Set the name and the description of the new version.

3. Click on create.
A new version is created. The new version is a copy of the version reverted from.

Note: Reverting a document to a former version does not change the current folder location of the document. For instance, consider you move your document from folder A to folder B. If you revert the document now located in folder B to a previous version when it was in folder A, the document is reverted but stays in folder B.

From the preview of a previous version:

4. Click on the icon "Revert version" and follow step 2 and 3.

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