Manage document versions in an AODocs library

As a contributor, you can create an AODocs version of a document. This AODocs version saves the properties, relations, descriptions and attachments of the document. 

- You can view previous versions if you have read access to a document.
- The previous version data are read only.
- Only contributors can create new document versions.

This article explains how to:

 Access the version panel of a document
 Create a new version of a document
 View a previous version of a document
 Revert to a previous version of a document

Access the version panel of a document

1. Open a document.

2. In the side navigation bar, select the versions button. The version panel opens. Each version is defined by a name or a number, a description and a version creator.

Create a new version of a document

1. In the blue header of the version panel, press the create new version button.

2. Edit the version name.

3. Edit the version description.

4. Press Create. A new version is created and becomes the current version.

When you create a new version of an AODocs document, the document, its properties and its attachments are duplicated and archived. This is so you can revert to a previous version of a document if required. The content is not modified.

Note: It may take a few seconds to create a new version, depending on the number of attachments. The number of versions is limited to 200 for a document.

View a previous version of a document

As an AODocs user, you can view the content of a previous version, but you can't edit it.

From the version panel of the document:

1. Go to the Previous versions section.

2. Press the view button next to the version you want to view. The previous version opens in a new tab.

Note: You can view only Google file attachments from the previous version of a document. To view non-Google attachments, you need to download them.

Revert a document to a previous version

Only contributors can restore the content of a previous version in a new version. 

From the version panel of the document:

1. Press the revert to this version button next to the required version.

2. Set the name and the description of the new version.

3. Press Revert. A new version is created. The new version is a copy of version you reverted from.

Note: Reverting a document to a previous version doesn't change the location of the document. For example, if you moved a document from folder A to folder B and revert the document now located in folder B to a previous version when it was in folder A, the document is reverted but stays in folder B.

From the preview of a previous version:

1. Press the revert version button and follow steps 2 and 3 above.

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