Manage storage accounts

The AODocs storage account is a Google account belonging to your G Suite domain that you assign to AODocs. It's used by AODocs to own managed files in Google Drive.

AODocs super administrators need to create multiple AODocs storage accounts when managing a large number of files and to avoid performance bottlenecks.

Tips: We typically recommend not exceeding 50,000 active files per storage account. For more information about AODocs performance best practices, contact the AODocs support team.

Access the storage account settings
Manage the default storage account
Understand the Storage accounts table
Create a storage account
Edit the storage account availability
Remove a storage account
Best practices for managing storage accounts

Access the storage account settings

1. Open the domain administration interface.

2. Select Storage. The Storage accounts table is displayed.

Manage the default storage account

When a user creates a library, they need to select which storage account will own all its documents.
Each library can have only one storage account. However, a single storage account can be used for several libraries.

If several storage accounts have been configured, when a user creates a new library, AODocs prompts the user to select a storage account from the list of available accounts.

You can change the default storage account by selecting the Default checkbox in the Storage accounts table.

Important: Your changes are applied immediately.

Understand the Storage accounts table


The table has the following columns:

  • Storage account: the email addresses of the storage accounts available for AODocs
  • Libraries: the number of libraries managed by the storage account
  • Documents: the number of documents owned by the storage account
  • Attachments: the number of attachments (Google Drive files) owned by the storage account
  • Subscriptions: the number of shares on documents owned by the storage account
  • Availability: the users or groups who can select the storage account
  • Storage quota: the percentage of your quota used by the storage account

Create a storage account

1. Press the + button.

2. Enter the email address of the new storage account.

3. Select the storage account availability:

  • Everyone: all library creators can select the storage account
  • Nobody: no library creators can select the storage account
  • Only for: access to the storage account is limited to a subset of library creators

Tips: You can use a Google Group for the Only for setting.

4. Press Save.

Edit the availability of a storage account 

Note: You can't edit the default storage account.

1. Select the storage account to edit.

2. Open the More actions menu.


3. Select Edit.

4. Select the new storage account availability.

5. Press Save.

Remove a storage account

Note: You can't remove:
- a storage account that manages a library
- the default storage account

1. Select the storage account to remove.

2. Open the More actions menu.

3. Press Remove.

Best practices for managing storage accounts

The display name of the storage account is not managed in AODocs but corresponds to the First Name and Last Name of the Google Account. Your G Suite administrator could provide you with several technical accounts with different email addresses but with same Name. This provides coherence in the Google Drive interface, since only the technical account name is displayed. Learn more about renaming G Suite accounts.

Important: Changing the email address, the First Name or Last Name of a storage account will cause conflicts with the way AODocs works in the Google Drive interface. Contact our support team if you want to perform such modifications.

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