Review the document import operations

The Import status page provides details about imported documents. It helps super administrators follow all import operations conducted in the domain (for example, when users import a folder or a file into AODocs from their My Drive or their device). In the event of an import failure, the page provides a detailed error message.

Note: Drag and drop operations in a Team Folder aren't listed on the Import status page.

1. As super administrator, access the AODocs homepage.

2. Click the Domain administration button and select Import status.


The Import status page opens and displays the following information on imports:

  • Library name: Name of the libraries into which documents have been imported.
  • Started at: Start date and time of the import.
  • Importer: Name of the importer. AODocs uses the storage account as an importer when it doesn't know who started the import. This can happen when a user imported their file in Google Drive by drag and drop.
  • Status: Status of the import.
  • To Import/Success/Errors: The number of documents to import / successfully imported / with errors.
  • Error details: Link to the details of the import errors. An example of an error report is shown below.
  • Refresh button above the table – to refresh the list

3. Select Details to view more information.


The Import status: Details page opens showing the error report.


The following table lists each import issue with explanations:

Import issue Details
Already imported

The item is already being imported.
For example: A user starts importing a document located in a folder. Before the import is finished, the user imports the folder containing the document being imported. The second import has the error Already imported.

Drive error The error is due to a Google Drive issue.
External owner An AODocs user tries to import a document owned by an external user.


The item can't be imported. There are many possible reasons for this, for example, the storage account is full or Google Workspace restrictions that prevent the import.
Not found The file was moved or deleted after AODocs detected the file but before the import began. Locate the file and try to import it again.
Suspended user The owner of the document is suspended from the domain, so AODocs can’t import their files. To be able to import these files, the user must be restored.
Learn more: Restore a suspended user.
Temporary file Temporary files aren't imported into AODocs.
Unauthorized organization owner The owner of the document is a member of the domain but AODocs is not activated for their account.

Note: The page refreshes automatically every 30 seconds.

For information on other operations, you can access the complete list of jobs in a library. Learn more: Manage jobs.

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