What is the administration console?

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As a library administrator, you can access the administration console of your library to manage the configuration and administration of the library. The library administration section is divided into two parts: Library Configuration (1) & Library Administration (2)

Library administration

Library Configuration

Under the Library configuration, you have access to the:

  • General Settings: You can edit the title, image and description of the library here.
    Learn more here: Customize the Library homepage
  • Document Classes: To be able to create or import documents into your library, a document class must be configured. Document classes can be used to differentiate documents from the same library. 
  • Categories: Each document class can have certain categories. A category is a property with a predefined set of possible values. 
  • Views: You can configure the list of documents, properties, and filters by configuring the “Views”.
    Learn more here: What are list views?
  • Relations: Enable you to link documents with each other and to display related documents in the document’s properties panel. Related documents can be of the same or a different document class. 
    Learn more here: Configure document relations
  • Workflow: You can configure workflows to define the transitions and states of the documents.
  • Roles: You can configure "roles" that can be used to set permissions.
  • Emails: You can use AODocs to receive emails and transform them into documents.
    Learn more here: Configure emails to documents
  • Custom scripts: You can also run custom scripts using the library configuration section.

Library Administration

Under the Library Administration section, you have access to the:

  • Deleted Documents: You can view and restore deleted documents.
    Learn more here: Manage deleted documents
  • Locked Documents: You can view and unlock locked documents.
    Learn more here: Manage locked documents
  • Audit log: You can view and filter audit logs for your library.
    Learn more here: View the audit log
  • Custom Scripts log: You can view the logs messages produced by custom scripts running in the library.
    Learn more here: Create custom scripts
  • Jobs: You can view the list of job streams in your library.
    Learn more here: Manage jobs
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