Share documents in a Document Management library

Give access to a new user

To share a document in Document Management you need to have the “Share” permission on the document.

Select the document or folder you want to share and click on the “Share” button (1).

Click on the “Share” button to share a document with other users

You will see a pop-up for “Document permissions”. Enter the name or the email address of the user or group you want to share it to and click “Add” (2)

Adding a new user and setting permissions

Select the permission for the new user (3). 

There are 4 types of permissions in AODocs:

    • Read: the permission to read a document, a user only “sees” the document in the document library that he can “Read” in AODocs
    • Write: the permission to modify a document (edit the document's properties, rename the document, move the document to a different folder, add or remove an attached file, etc.)
    • Delete: the permission to delete a document
    • Share: the permission to modify a document's access rights

A user can become a reader and have the permissions "Read" or become a contributor and have the permissions "Read, Write, Delete, Share".

Note: Depending on the security options library administrators have chosen, contributors can have "Read, Write", "Read, Write, Share" or "Read, Write, Delete". 
Learn more here:Configure the sharing permissions of the documents in a class.

You can check the “Prevent viewers from downloading” box (4) to prevent users with read-only access to the document from downloading it.

You can also delete the users that you have added by clicking on the delete button (5). Please note that you will not be able to delete library administrators, or permissions that are inherited from a parent folders or from library settings. Once the changes have been made click on the “Save” button (6).

Adding a new user to the library and setting permissions

Permission inheritance mode

By default, the document inherits permissions from its parent folders, or from the global library settings such as the document class or workflow. Use the “Change...” (7) drop down menu to select whether the document should inherit those permissions or ignore them.

Changing the Permission inheritance mode

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