Create documents in Document Management libraries

To create a document in a Document Management library:

1. Access your library and press New.

2. Select one of the document classes configured by the library administrators.

Note: If there is only one document class in your library, the document opens in edit mode directly.


3. Fill in the title and properties of your document.
A progress bar indicates how many mandatory fields have been filled in. The mandatory properties are marked with a red star.

When filling out properties, you can use the help text guide you. The default help text indicates the type of data to enter (for example, numerical value or text). If your library administrator has customized the help text, it will contain information specific to your business case.

In addition, if your library administrator has defined tooltips, hover over the question mark next to the property name for additional help.

Note: You can't save your document:
- without filling all mandatory fields
- if some property values are outdated or incorrect


4. If required, attach one or more files to the document. You can:

  • Attach a file from your Google Drive or computer
  • Upload and convert a Microsoft Office file from your computer - the file will be converted to the corresponding Google format
  • Create a new Google file (Docs, Sheets or Slides)

Learn more: Manage attachments in Document Management libraries.

Note: In Document Management libraries, you can create documents with no attachments, one attachment or several attachments.


Note: Once you've saved your document, you can add attachments by drag and drop directly into the Properties panel.

5. If document relations have been set up by a library administrator, you can press the Add related documents button and add one or more document relations. Learn more: Use document relations.

Note: Once you've saved your document, you can add document relations in the Properties panel without entering edit mode.

6. If required, add a description to your document. The rich text field can include:

The description is displayed in the Properties panel of the document. The text in the description is searchable by the AODocs search bar.

- The description field may be mandatory if the field permissions are managed by workflow states.
- You can only insert images in the description once you have saved your document.


6. Press the Save button to create your document.

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