Create a Document from the AODocs Interface

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Every AODocs document in AODocs interface contains 3 sections:

    1. Properties of the document
    2. Attachments: file(s) attached to the document
    3. Description: rich text description of the document

To create a document, access your library and click on “NEW” (1). You can then choose between the different classes of document configured by the library administrators (2). Note that if there is only one document class in your library, the document editor will open directly.

AODocs Document Management “NEW” menu

You will then be able to fill the properties of your document. The mandatory properties for the document will be marked in red (3).

You will not be able to save the document without filling all the mandatory property fields. Once all the mandatory properties are filled, click on “Save document” (4) to save.

Editing properties of a document

You can also attach files to the document. Access the attachment section of the document page and click on “Attach File” (5). Here you can either upload files from your computer or Google Drive or drag and drop files (6).

Attaching files to an AODocs document

Attaching files to an AODocs document

You can also add a description to your document (7). The rich text field can include links, tables, images and videos. The description will be displayed in the Property tab of the document. The text in the description is searchable by the AODocs search bar.

Adding a description to your documents

Note: You can only insert images in the Document description once you have saved it first.

Once done, your AODocs document is fully created:

An AODocs document with properties, attachments and description

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