Push Team Folder or Secured Folder shortcuts to users' My Drive

Users can access Team Folders and Secured Folders directly in the Google Drive interface. 

Important: Shortcuts are pushed, not folders. This is because My Drive doesn't support files and folders in multiple locations. Learn more from the Google Help Center: Shortcuts replacing files and folders stored in multiple locations.

As a library administrator, you can automatically push Team Folder or Secured Folder shortcuts into the My Drive of the end users in your Google domain, allowing them to find their AODocs libraries quickly by browsing their Google Drive interface.

You can do this:

Important: If you're using the new Smartbar, you must do this in the AODocs interface.

– You can push each Team Folder or Secured Folder shortcut to a maximum of 500 users. 
– If the Team Folder or Secured Folder is shared with a Google group, AODocs pushes it to every member of the Google group. AODocs periodically (at least once a day) checks the list of members of the group, so any new member added to the group receives the pushed folder.

Tip: The Push shortcut to My Drive feature is especially useful for new people joining a company or a team. Each new employee receives all the information they need directly in their My Drive without having to ask co-workers for the links to the shared folders.

As a library administrator with the legacy Smartbar installed:

1. Click the gear button and select Security center.


2. Select the checkbox Add the library’s root folder to every user’s My Drive.
The library shortcut will be pushed to the My Drive of users who have access to it.

3. Select the checkbox Notify users via email when the folder is pushed to their My Drive.
Users having access to the library will receive a notification email.


4. Click Done.

Note: When the library is created, the checkboxes Add the library’s root folder to every user’s My Drive folder and Notify users via email when the folder shortcut is pushed to their My Drive are selected by default.

Tip: If you plan to prepare the library (create folders, import files) before pushing the shortcut to your collaborators, deselect these options until the library is ready.

image03.pngNotification email sent to end users

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  • I have made the documents/folders in my library visible to all. At the same time I have given explicit edit rights to few users. 

    Question is: the article states if I check "add the shortcut to my drive" of all users, will it add the shortcut to only users who have explicit edit rights, or all the users who have the view access as they are part of the org?

    The article is not explicitly explaining this.

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  • Hi Ankush,
    The shortcut is added for all users having access to the library, even if they are just Readers.
    Hope that helps.

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